Bolton Golf Association
Bolton Golf Association

BGA Rules



1.         Name

            The Association shall be called “The Bolton Golf Association”.


2.         Objects

            The objects of the Association shall be to uphold the laws of the Game of Golf as from time to time adopted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew’s to organise a Bolton Amateur Golf Championship and other Golf Competitions and Matches to avoid the clashing of important Club events, to arrange Inter-Association
Competitions and to advance the interests of Golf generally.


3.         Constitution

            The Association shall consist of properly constituted Golf Clubs of Bolton and
District (as interpreted by the Executive Council) who shall also be affiliated
Clubs of The Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs.


4.         Application for Membership

            Any Golf Club eligible for Membership in accordance with Rule 3 may at any time make application in writing by its Secretary to become affiliated to the
Association. Such application shall be sent to the Secretary of the Association
accompanied by a copy of the Rules of the Club and a copy of the Minute
authorising the application and shall be placed by him before the Officers of
the Association as soon as practicable. The Officers shall inform the
Secretaries of all member Golf Clubs of such application and shall make all
enquiries necessary in regard to the application as they shall deem relevant.
The Officers shall prepare (as soon as possible) a full report of their
deliberations and present the same to the Executive Council together with the
application for consideration. In the event of disapproval by the Executive
Council the application shall be referred to the next Annual General Meeting
(if such Meeting is due to be held within the next three months) or to a
Special General Meeting which shall be convened for that purpose. The decision
of the General Meeting shall be final. On being admitted to Membership a Club
shall pay such entrance fee (if any) as shall for the time being be payable in
accordance with Rule 10. No club elected a Member (or the Members of such Club)
shall be entitled to the privileges of Membership until the payment of the
entrance fee (if any) and the first Annual subscription. If such entrance fee
and subscription shall not be paid within one month after notice shall have
been sent to the Secretary of the Club concerned informing him of the Club’s
election, such election shall be void.


5.         Executive Council

            The governing Body of the Association shall be styled “The Executive Council”    and shall consist of the Officers of theAssociation and two representatives to be nominated by each affiliated Club. Six Members shall form a quorum. The Executive Council shall meet not less than three times in each year. The Executive Council shall make regulations governing the conduct of all Competitions and Matches promoted by the Association (including Rules to resolve a tie between two or more Competitors)
and shall also have power to make bye-laws for regulating the conduct of the
affairs of the Association provided the same are not inconsistent with these Rules.


6.         Officers

            The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, a President Elect,
Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer (who may be the same person as the           Honorary Secretary), Honorary Solicitor, Honorary Auditor and the five permanent Vice-Presidents with voting rights in accordance with Rule 7. An assistant Honorary Secretary may be appointed by the Executive Council if deemed necessary The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Assistance Honorary Secretary (if any) shall be entitled to receive such Honoraria as the Executive Council shall from time to time


7.         Each past
President of the Association shall be a Permanent Vice-President, Permanent
vice-Presidents shall be ex-officio Members of the Executive Council and all
Committees of the Association but shall not ipso facto be entitled to vote at
any Meeting. The Permanent Vice-Presidents shall each year elect five of their
number who shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting.


8.         Annual General Meeting

            An Annual
General Meeting shall be held during the month of March each year at such time
and place as shall be decided by the Executive Council (Officers). At least
fourteen days notice of the meeting shall be given by the Honorary Secretary to
each Club affiliated to the Association specifying the business to be
transacted. At each Annual General Meeting the following business shall be


            (a) To
receive the Reports of the Executive Council on the Affairs of the Association
during the preceding year and the Financial Statement for the year ended the
31st day of December immediately preceding the Meeting.

Election of President and other Officers of the Association (other than the
voting Permanent vice-President elected pursuant to Rule 7).

Business authorised by the Rules of the Association.

            (d) To
consider any extraordinary business of which notice shall have been given to the
Honorary Secretary not later than the 31st day of January preceding the date of
the meeting.

            The quorum
at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened

            pursuant to
Rule 9 shall be 12.


9.         Special
General Meeting

            A special
General Meeting of the Association may be convened at any time by the Honorary
Secretary at the instance of the Officers or the Executive Council or by
written request to him by any three Clubs of the Association stating the
purpose for which such Meeting is required. Fourteen days notice of the Meeting
and the business to be transacted shall be given to each Club of the
Association and no other business shall be considered except with the consent
of a majority of the persons present and entitled to vote. Such additional
business shall not include any proposals to make any alteration to the Rules of
the Association which may only be varied in accordance with Rule 13.


10.       Subscriptions

            The Annual
subscription payable to the Association by each Club shall be determined each
year at the Annual General Meeting. All subscriptions shall be due on the 1st
day of April in each year and a Club or its Members shall not take part in any
Competition or Match promoted by the Association at a date when its
subscription is in arrear.


11.       Resignations

            Any Club
wishing to resign its Membership must give notice in writing to the Honorary
Secretary on or before the 30th day of November in any year otherwise the Club
shall be liable to pay its subscription for the ensuing year.


12.       The Honorary
Secretary shall keep in a book correct Minutes of all General Meetings and
Meetings of the Executive Council and shall produce such book at all Meetings
thereof. He shall summon all General Meetings and Meetings of the Executive
Council and shall prepare and forward a copy of the Financial Statement duly audited to the Secretary of each
affiliated club at least fourteen days before each Annual General Meeting. He
shall give all notices required to be given by the Rules. He shall also receive
and dispose of according to Resolutions of the Executive Council all moneys
received and paid by the Association and shall generally act in accordance with
the instructions of the Executive Council.

13.       No Rule of
the Association shall be repealed or altered and no new Rule shall be made save
by a majority of two thirds of the Members Present and entitled to vote at a
General Meeting of the Association. Not less than fourteen days notice of such
proposed alterations or additions shall be given to each affiliated Club prior
to the date of such General Meeting.


14.       Members of
Clubs affiliated to the Association shall be entitled on payment of      Club Green Fees and on observance of the
Regulations affecting visitors to play golf on the course of all Clubs affiliated
to the Association without introduction by a Club Member. The President,
Honorary Secretary and Amateur Champion of the Association for the time being
shall be granted the courtesy of the Green by all Clubs affiliated to the
Association. The courtesy of the course shall be extended by any Club housing
an event promoted by the Association to all participants in such Competition or


15.       The courtesy
of the Course for Members of a Club housing an Association Competition shall be
at the discretion of each other club. Prior arrangements shall be made by the
Club housing the Competition direct with any Club offering the courtesy of its


16.       Procedure and
Voting Rights:-

            (a) Annual
General and Special General Meetings.

affiliated Club shall be entitled to be represented by four Members and each of
such persons shall be entitled to one vote. Each Officer of the Association
present shall be entitled to one vote (except Vice-Presidents who shall vote in
accordance with Rule 7).

Meetings of the Executive Councils.

Club Representative present and each Officer present and entitled to vote shall
have one vote (except in the case of business referred to in Rule 16(c)).

Business referred to Club Councils.

General Meeting or Meetings of the Executive Council shall have power to refer any question to the Clubs affiliated to
the Association for consideration by their respective Councils or other
governing bodies. Such business shall be considered by the Executive Council at
its next Meeting and at such Meeting the representatives of each Club then
present shall be entitled to vote on the basis of one vote for each affiliated
Club such persons represent.

            (d) At all
meetings decisions shall be taken on a simple majority of votes with the
exception of business transacted pursuant to Rule 13.

            (e) In the
event of there being an equality of votes at any Meeting the Chairman of such
Meeting shall have a second or casting vote.


17.       The Executive
Council shall have power to appoint Sub-Committees and dispute to them any of
its powers.

18.       Any dispute
or difference which may arise as to the meaning or interpretation        of these Rules or any byelaws or
regulations made by the Executive Council or as to the powers of the Officers
or Executive Council or any Committee shall be determined:-

            (a) If the
dispute or difference shall arise out of proceedings at a General Meeting or at
a Meeting of the Executive Council at the next Annual General Meeting or (if
the Officers deem it desirable) at a Special General Meeting to be convened for
that purpose.

            (b) In the
case of any other dispute or difference by the Executive Council.

in all such cases the decisions so taken shall be final and binding on all
Affiliated Clubs, Officers and all other persons concerned.

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